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Great Read SleepyAdamII.

Make no mistake Pop's well done new system and RC Buford's super brilliant finding gems are all inspired by this HOF Tim Duncan GREATNESS ERA!!! Those GREATLY Super talented Empowered fitting pieces are fitting here for a reason and this reason will not be the same without Tim Duncan around to inspire this with hard work and dedication to motivate this great coach Pop to keep on going building such superior system.

Pop had been mixing his small ball experiments since 2008 the year after we won that title in 07 and every year we could see some progress but it was not enough for one reason to another those Spurs got stumbled in the PO!!! Other NBA teams adapted and got some good pieces too so they won since 08 alas Spurs could not put it all together since then despite all those super talented players and having top seeds in the PO.

Finally Pop found some neat formula that we can see it working in this new changed NBA era!!!!

This new Spurs Ball or Spurs System is going to be remembered forever!!!! Worldwide! As one Historical Model of New Era of Basketball system. Granted they continue their successful ways in keeping the winning tradition again this year too. Hopefully they win it all this year! Which is Long Due!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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