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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
I think you can go back to the history of top picks and you would find many "busts" that didnt do what was expected of them who were out of the league by their 3rd yr and you have Brown who is still in the league in his 12th season. I think there was only one team that expected alot and that was the team that picked him but it was bad from the start cuz he was very young, the team had no players to lead him, and the FO was bad. You cant put everything on a young player like that. Even thru all that he was still able to help teams as a starter. I dont think the expectations were high when he played for those other teams cuz they already knew what he was able to do. But I dont think we will know how he could of been if he played with a player like Duncan.
The only reason he is still in the league is because he is a seven footer. Look at his career averages even with ample playing time and his production is horrible. Signing him is one thing but trading for him? Insanity!
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