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[Editor's Note] The Spurs success in the past two seasons isn't merely the emergence of the 2nd generation of international players, it's there beautiful blend with traditional American players on this team. Players like Gary Neal, DeJuan Blair, Cory Joseph, and Kawhi Leonard not only excel playing in a pseudo european style, they seem to lend a certain improvisational element many American born and bred ball players hone from school yards to college. The ability to dribble, and get into the lane or improvise shots in the teeth of the defense without getting too out of control. This American ball dominating handles and eye for tough shots, coupled with pin point passing, and fundamental screen cuts is the progeny of International Stars and Modern American Basketball. This isn't imitation FIBA, nor is it the Example of AAU super teams. This is a beautiful new game, with a legacy in the past, but born of players from across the world. Some call it Spurs Ball.
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