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Bonner was good. He looked like he was having fun out there which is fine. What does he care about. He is getting paid and sitting most of the time on his arse way far in that bench where he should. Pop knows exactly how to play him now. When he called him it was garbage time.

We won that title on 07 Despite Bonner's lazy Arse.

Don't fall in that mirage dream that Bonner will be there as good as you see him in garbage time here. That was in the past few years. Not anymore..... Pop had learned and I can see how he is inserting Bonner at the right time!

Spurs are using Bonner to get those regular season games wins going to get them to the Other side (Playoff)

In the Playoff we will see Pop shorten his rotation and made up his mind who is tough enough to handle tough PO situations.
Go Spurs Go!
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