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What at Great Win by Spurs!

Spurs started strong and finished strong!

Spurs mopped the floor with dos Rockets! I was at the game and it felt pretty nice to see Spurs in control!

Great Ball Movement and Great Spurs TEAM Hustles! Spurs Trusting each other and that is a huge key. Text BBall.

I was impressed mostly with Tiago he is becoming real quick.

Nando De Colo was very interesting to see.

Manu was unbelievable he was Huge in that game. TP9 was so Great and MVP like. Timmy looked real focused. Diaw was very good. Green was fantastic. Mills was very good. Gary Neal is such a streaky shooter he can shoot unconsciously he looks like he got it on automatic and in the zone!!!!!!

Amazing win!!!!

This Spurs team is showing some serious TOUGHNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want Spurs to play like that come Monday night in Houston!

Cant wait to see Captain Jack & Leonard come back to see Full Power Spurs Defensive TEAM.

Granted they won at home but still. I think they can do it on the road too...

Let's win another tomorrow in Charlotte!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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