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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
actually no it's not.

Bonner being bought out for whatever amount you said ($1.5 million?) would be spent plus what his contract would count against the cap (earning $3.9 million next year). with the amnesty, Bonner's contract would count against the cap (not luxury tax) and he wouldn't get anything from the team.

taking in Varajeo in a trade that the Cavs would want (key phrase there, you have to look at it from the other end) would involve too many important players and even if we have free agency money for the offseason, SA hasn't been the most attractive place for free agents.

also factor in Varajeo is over performing on a bad team, this doesn't guarantee he'd play well next year either.
Sorry Jose you are right many times but with myself involved your % goes way down. When the Spurs bought Antonio McDyess the actual salary paid was 2.6 million and the cap hit was...............2.6 million. Bonner has 1 million paid and the same 1 million cap hit. Yes Amnesty is no cap hit but they would have to pay him 3.9 million to go away. Amnesty is off the table in San Antonio.

Whatever deal involving Varajeo would have to include expiring contract/s agreed? SA has not been the most attractive FA place but during those times the CBA was different and lots of other teams had cap space and they themselves were not crummy teams either. Having cap space can engineer some good deals though. Example?? Look at when the Bulls traded Kirk Hinrich and a middle first to the Wizards for the rights to a euro player who will never come to the NBA. That's a good deal for the Wiz. They flipped Kirk to Atlanta for a conditional first rounder. So they got a starter quality point guard and two first rounders just by having cap room. Having cap space makes you at least a player in the FA and trade markets. Sometimes also the draft market.
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