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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Wow Jose you really are that blind and deaf yet again on my posts? If you trade for Varajeo he has a big contract with a few more years still. Nothing against him I like him. But he he would eat up a ton of cap and the Spurs would be out of any major free agent spending next summer. Bonner amnesty??...........Spurs hold a "team buyout" on his last year why do you keep bringing up amnesty when this provision is much cheaper????? True it would be harder for the Spurs to trade for him next year but being under the cap gives them tons of flexibility on any roster moves to include a big FA signing. I would just prefer not use up a ton of cap space before checking out early on the summer spending.
actually no it's not.

Bonner being bought out for whatever amount you said ($1.5 million?) would be spent plus what his contract would count against the cap (earning $3.9 million next year). with the amnesty, Bonner's contract would count against the cap (not luxury tax) and he wouldn't get anything from the team.

taking in Varajeo in a trade that the Cavs would want (key phrase there, you have to look at it from the other end) would involve too many important players and even if we have free agency money for the offseason, SA hasn't been the most attractive place for free agents.

also factor in Varajeo is over performing on a bad team, this doesn't guarantee he'd play well next year either.
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