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I guess this tells two things:

1. We have arguably the BEST coach in the NBA. No wonder here since Pop had won the coach of the year last year.
2. Our Spurs are back with BETTER effort to finish off what they left off last year!!!This year our Spurs are more DETERMINED to get that business finsihed!

When they interviewed with David Aldridge (sp?) about a week ago on the radio, he said that Spurs usually start slow and they get the grind going and peak at the second half. Last year and this year he is seeing a trend in the Spurs they start strong and continue strong.

Well in a tough Western Conf Pop learned that they need to stay on the top all year because it is very hard to play it at the second half and keep climbing up and then Boom the PO comes along. Pop is doing it by committee and experimenting now but so far all Spurs *Thank Goodness* have been responding to Pop's change in system. They are all very smart and mature players who are looking to win. No surprise here when our leaders The Big Three are guiding everyone.

It is good to be a Spurs fan!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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