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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
Maybe you missed the first post, but it referenced the MEM game.
Spurs were way down. Bonner enters, has a part in shutting down the MEM interior game, Spurs win.

This little fact gets the reporter to do a little deeper digging. He sees that this isn't an isolated incident to this season, or even the last 4.
You'll note that his mid-game tweet even goes against his end of article conclusion. You know, the conlusion he comes to AFTER looking at data, and not just the game.

But if it's Bonner and real performance with statistical data to back it up, it immediately gets rejected here.
Have you noticed how the article writer tells us TWO stories one when Spurs surged and still LOST to the L A Clippers despite huge effort from ummm Bonner...

The other one is the Memphis game where Spurs won..

I do recall very well that the timing was Great when Pop put Bonner in that Memphis game. Where Bonner played very hard in the 19:49 minutes he got.

Bonner and Mills and De Colo all sparked the game and energized the game to the Spurs Momentum. However Bonner had +15 and was the Best insert Pop did that night.

Bonner did step it up a notch! So Spurs numbers got better because of his big effort! That was good but not good enough! Bonner was supposed to do that all the time but now he is facing reality and trying to improve defensively. He even mentioned in the after game interview with Andrew Monaco that he is trying so hard to do fundamental Boxing and all that.... He looked so serious. He knows it now that he has no choice but to play D to earn Pop's minutes or his end days are coming!

Pop now that he is making Bonner playing less minutes. Pop is finding out how that maybe is working to motivate Bonner to play ummm Better! Especially when Pop preaches Defense! And Bonner is playing better D.

And for Stats here: Stats from fewer minutes are going to look better since it is less minutes.

I think Pop knows exactly what he has in Bonner. Alas Bonner's number in the regular season are misleading because he does not follow the same effort which is super duper disappointing in the PO! Hey That's Bonner for ya!

The Dream here is Bonner could learn a lesson from Pop's schemes and less minutes and starts producing those numbers on a continuous basis. Alas that is yet to come or we probably need to trade his arse before the trade deadline. :shocked
Go Spurs Go!
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