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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
UMMM Me thinking Pop is putting Bonner in some Non Factor minutes just to make his stats come look better to shop him. That Plus Bonner taking advantage and playing above his level a little.

Jose you are correct on this. I mean if Bonner is That Good believe me Coach Pop would def given him a starter position or even some important minutes.
Maybe you missed the first post, but it referenced the MEM game.
Spurs were way down. Bonner enters, has a part in shutting down the MEM interior game, Spurs win.

This little fact gets the reporter to do a little deeper digging. He sees that this isn't an isolated incident to this season, or even the last 4.
You'll note that his mid-game tweet even goes against his end of article conclusion. You know, the conlusion he comes to AFTER looking at data, and not just the game.

But if it's Bonner and real performance with statistical data to back it up, it immediately gets rejected here.
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