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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
Benson knows the NO market far better than anyone here, and probably has more money than the combined SR posters.

If he believes the name Pelicans will work in NO, provide some local pride or interest, more power to him.
Team naming is a perq of owning a team. Not many get to do this.
what does money have to do with stupid decisions? i can understand the argument of "he has money so he can do what he wants", but to insult people who buy into the product as a whole is a different story. from fans to even NBA analysts on ESPN and Yahoo on Twitter, everyone's making this out to be a joke. he's probably trying to change the image of the team since Paul left and Charlotte wants the name back (smart business move), but the Pelicans in a league that's trying to have some intimidation somewhere. He may "know the NO market", but he's a newbie when it comes to owning an NBA team. that's two different dynamics, ask Mark Cuban.

this is like a Disney movie where a sucky team is trying to overcome the odds.
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