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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
As per, the TEAM defense improves when Bonner plays. The entire TEAM (re: Spurs) give up fewer points per possession when Bonner is playing. Must be that help defense Duncan offers.

Numbers for 2012-13 are probably still not statistically significant, but when you look at entire seasons over the last four years, that's something. And it's a nice trend. Duncan's help cannot be the entire reason for Bonner's improvement as Duncan gets older.

Shoot, some mortarboard guy on this site says that Duncan can't move laterally anymore. Apparently that only applies if he's NOT helping Bonner.
"per numbers" Lol again, if Bonner gets help EVERY time he's on the court, that means the team is bailing him out while forcing turnovers. the team defense % would improve, but that doesn't mean Bonner contributed to them.

watch the game tonight vs. Milwaukee, see how many times Blair has to go 1 on 1 with a bigger center with no help (same with Splitter and Diaw) and IF Bonner plays, see how many times he has to get help.

offering help doesn't mean the team it's a good thing. you'd rather go 1 on 1 and hopefully give a harder shot (that they might make) over offering help every time and having the whole team use their legs on rotations while then running on offense doing the same

Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
The numbers help because while Bonner has weaknesses on defense, his weaknesses are easily visible and his strengths are hard to see (because players go right at him, even though he plays straight up post defense well). Whereas with Blair, Diaw, and Splitter, you have to really watch the whole play to see where their defense suffers.

Bottom line: Bonner plays hard, plays the percentages, contests everything, and doesn't make mistakes.

The other guys make too many mistakes and miss rotations. They make more spectacular plays but are less consistent.
no one is questioning if Bonner plays hard. he does, so did Scalabrine and that doesn't make them good. Blair plays extremely hard (harder than Bonner i would argue).

doesn't make mistakes? at all?! the guy doesn't rotate properly or defend his man properly, that's why the Spurs have to help just about every time on defense. when the Spurs help on defense for him, then that means they have to help for every other guy who's leaving their man to rotate.

again, if Bonner was good, he'd be getting minutes. this is the first time i've heard that the team is better with a player on the floor and that player isn't getting playing time at all this season while we're doing well. either Pop is going senile or the stats lie (spoiler: it's the 2nd time)
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