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Originally Posted by static_x_2666 View Post
you can't possibly be serious. I wouldn't have called it "thug" like behavior for any of the guys you mentioned because it's a HALLOWEEN party where people dress up... plus others might say they are thug because those dudes you mentioned do have a bad track record. The Nowitzki/Nash pictures are what you said, guys letting off some steam. I do the exact same thing all guys do when they go out... get drunk, hit on girls, act a fool, and have fun. Our guys saw it as an opportunity to have a little fun posing for a picture.
Great point. static! :applause

It is not as big deal as some might think. I kina laughed so hard when I saw it first time. It was a fun innocent joke like Manu said.

Neither TD nor TP should get any suspensions or fines for poking fun at Joe Crawford's impersonator in Captain Jack's House Halloween Party IMO.

Here is what Jeff McDonald from Spurs Nation ( my tweeted few hours ago:

Have been advised not to expect league action on Spurs' Halloween photos today. Unclear if this means case closed or not.
9 hours ago.
Go Spurs Go!
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