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Originally Posted by polk View Post
understand perfectly when and where it occurred. It was Halloween. Still doesn't mean it can't be a poor decision. Especially, as Manu stated, there were people at the party that neither he nor some of the other players knew. No way I let people in if I don't know them. Again a poor decision. Don't know whose home it was. Don't know who was manning the door but no way I party with people I don't know.

Secondly, what if this were teammates Melo and JR Smith, Westbrook and Durant, Kobe and World Peace, etc, etc. Spurs fan would say it was a poor choice and typical "thug" behavior. Just because it's SA players shouldn't change that.

Finally, when Dirk and Nash were s***faced drunk and taking body shots off of young girls and those pictures were leaked on the Internet, many in here didn't view it as fun or guys blowing off steam. They thought it was a poor choice. These guys have to always know they are under the microscope - right or wrong.

Do I believe there was malicious intent in the photo. Of course not. Just a fun loving good time. But is the choice poor? Absolutely! And the fact they are members of my favorite team shouldn't have a bearing on that.

SIDE NOTE: Also remember a certain Chris Brown/Drake incident that didn't even involve Tony but people still felt he made a bad choice about being around that crowd or putting himself in a potentially poor situation. I'm focusing on the choice. That's it.
you can't possibly be serious. I wouldn't have called it "thug" like behavior for any of the guys you mentioned because it's a HALLOWEEN party where people dress up... plus others might say they are thug because those dudes you mentioned do have a bad track record. The Nowitzki/Nash pictures are what you said, guys letting off some steam. I do the exact same thing all guys do when they go out... get drunk, hit on girls, act a fool, and have fun. Our guys saw it as an opportunity to have a little fun posing for a picture. i'm going to say you're trolling... good job, troll.
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