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Originally Posted by maldoror View Post
It looks like they were taking Joey at gunpoint to be hanged. I didn't notice it at first in the picture but there is a hangman's noose a few feet in front of them. This won't go over well in the league office.
So are you suggesting TD + TP get hit by a Hefty Fine, Suspensions, or a slap on the wrist?

I am thinking story goes quietly for now.

Knowing how super paranoid nervous ticking bomb senile abusive Joey Crawford is, I am guessing he would take it SUPER personal and keeps it inside to pile up on TD + TP + the entire Spurs next time he gets a Spurs assignment!!

Joey to himself: "UMMMM just waits until I RULE you TD & TP!"

It is all good.

Trust in Pop to defend our Spurs!

Go Spurs Go
WOW So fired up and Charged up for this Year 2015! Lets do this again! GSG!
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