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Video: Tim Duncan dunks on Marc Gasol + Lets out a Voracious Roar!

Tim Duncan dunks on Marc Gasol Grizzlies-Spurs 12-1-12 - YouTube

I thought this Dunk deserved its own Appreciation Thread!

Someone said on youtube: This dunk worth $250,000!!! :drummer

The commentator (was the home team one = Grizzlies) kept hinting that Tim Duncan may end up by the league's flop reel...

The other commentator from Memphis said: You wanna talk about A Rejuvenated player in the NBA!!!

And yes Tim let out a voracious roar after that slam!!!!

Why not!

Cause it felt Darn Good!


Notice Pop sat down after that!!!!
Cause we all know Pop wants some NASTY!

Go TimmyD!
Go Spurs Go!
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