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As a society we need to collectively have a glass of concrete and harden up..... so what they were relaxing at a party and pretended to point guns at a guy that everybody knows is not on the Spurs Christmas card list.

How precious have we all become that this is now a punishable offence, at what point does playing around with mates, playing with guns like every generation alive right now has grown up doing, stop being light fun and suddenly unwise for players to do?

Watch now we are going to have Joey leveraging off this in a 60 minutes special to talk about how horrible it is to be abused by players.... we may even get a lawsuit where Joey cries in the stand before Block dancing back to his seat.

People may say what if it was another team? We would act differently, I wouldn't this is a beat up no matter who it is.... Joey likes the attention and wants to be able to try to fight the players so he should be ok.
........ And World Peace
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