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It looks like this photo all over the Media now!!! LOL @ the Media catching on anything Spurs release recently!!!

Spurs Nation wrote this:
Spurs Nation

The NBA and the Spurs declined comment Monday on a Halloween photo depicting Tim Duncan and Tony Parker holding what appear to be toy guns to the head of a man dressed as veteran official Joey Crawford.

Neither Duncan nor Parker were made available after Monday’s practice.

Appearing genuinely perplexed when asked, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich said he did not know about the photo, which began circulating over the weekend on various websites and message boards.

Manu Ginobili, who was at the party where the photo was apparently taken, said the photo should not be taken out of context.

“I don’t know exactly what people are saying about it,” said Ginobili, who went dressed as Zorro. “What I know is, it was Halloween. If somebody dressed like Pop was there, I probably would have done the same with my little sword. I think it was a joke. It was very innocent. They were just probably kidding. I didn’t see it at the time, but nothing to be serious about.”

Ginobili said he did not know who the man dressed as Crawford was, describing him as a random attendee at the party.

“He was somebody without hair, he decided to dress like a ref,” he said. “He was part of the party. It was a big party, a lot of people. It just happened.”

Ginobili said he does not think the action deserves action from the league office.

“Why would I?” he said. “I’m not concerned. I don’t think it’s something to take so serious. But who knows what’s going to happen?”

Crawford and Duncan became inextricably linked after the former ejected the latter for laughing from the bench at a call by the veteran official during a 2007 regular season game. Crawford was suspended for the remainder of the season and playoffs, and Duncan was fined $25,000 for verbally abusing a game official. Crawford was reinstated before the 2007-08 season.

Crawford has yet to officiate a Spurs game this season, according to

The photo surfaces on the heels of a $250,000 fine levied against the Spurs for Popovich’s decision to send Duncan, Parker, Ginobili and Danny Green home via commercial air prior to last Thursday’s road game at Miami, the team’s fourth in five days. Commissioner David Stern called the decision “a disservice to our league and our fans.”
Go Spurs Go!
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