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In my mind, DeColo is doing just fine. Arguably, Nando is not a rookie based on experience but a rookie by NBA standards, quite the same as Ginobili when he came aboard to the NBA. Of course, Nando is going to have turnovers, he’s a point guard who has had limited PT with a Spurs team he’s only played with for 3 months. Ginobili has been with the team over 10 years and still throws some questionable passes and gets a high rate of turnovers. But I still love him. And when you have to deal with 3 ‘non-partial’ referees who dispense their own interpretation of the laws, the transition to the NBA can be a bumpy one. DeColo has the talent and the vision of being an above average point guard in this league, if given the playing time as he got against Miami. But a summer session with Chip Engelland would do wonders with his shot and boost his shooting confidence. I think he’s a keeper for the long term.
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