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Originally Posted by maldoror View Post
I can understand resting Tim and Manu, older players, but Pop overreached when he rested Danny Green who is only 25. Was he injured? There's no reason a 25 year old needs to be rested. I think that helped Stern make the decision to issue the fine.
We all know that the sanction is not related with Danny Green. David Stern doesn't care Danny Green, i'm doubtful that he doesn't know Green played or didn't. Stern's aggression's reason is Pop's resting big-3 against defending champion in a televised game. Not realted with Green, it's realted with Duncan, Parker and Manu.

And for the people who defends Stern has only onething on their hands, "why Pop rested Green". They really don't care Green, they're trying to find something as a logical reason. It's obvious that we were going to be punished even Green played.
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