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I disagree that Nando hasn't played well, it is more that he hasn't played smart. I watch every single play of every single game and Nando has shown a lot of potential. He just hasn't acclimated to what he can get away with in the NBA compared to in Europe. Much like a young Ginobili he is forcing to many passes that aren't there, but his vision and his ball handling are excellent and something that is unteachable. He has to get more comfortable shooting the ball and work on reining in his passes and make better decisions. I see no reason why he can't do that with time. He is a risky player much like Ginobili, but he has to find away to limit those risks and and find more reward. Popovich will work with him. He wouldn't be getting as much playing time as he has if Pop didn't like him. He isn't near the scorer to be compared to a young Manu, but he plays hard on defense and he has that knack to make things happen. Give him time. We didn't bring him over expecting him to be an allstar. He is a reserve and only time will tell if he will become more.
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