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Originally Posted by spursfan9 View Post
funny thing, the only ever time that stephen a smith made sense and i agree with him: i see both sides. if jordan got rested and i finally got a ticket to see the bulls, i would be so sad!

but then again, the FUNNIEST thing about this is.... we aint talking about jordan!
since when were people lined up to see DUNCAN? and/or the BORING spurs????
i thought the spurs were snooze city. i woulda assumed more people would tune in to see the young kids running up and down right?

suddenly the spurs are ShowTime and everyoens lining up to watch? hahahahaha
^^^^Ha Ha well said from this fella!

Thinking about it from the Spurs side of view. It is real comical how the Stern reacted that much out this Pop's sitting his 4 SPURS players.

Sadly Stern was looking at it from the HEAT HYPE view!
WOW So fired up and Charged up for this Year 2015! Lets do this again! GSG!
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