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What Super Fundamental Tim Duncan did in this game especially first half was absolutely AMAZINGLY MAGICAL! GREAT Hustles, Great Footwork, Great passing, Great Screens. Outstanding shooting. Mr. Tim Duncan Rules Forever!

TD created such a Havoc that tremendously helped this Spurs team to stay in the game. LOVED the NEW TD this season. LOVED his GREAT BRILLIANT improvement!!! LOVED everything I saw from his game this year. Nothing to complain about except his very few hesitations on some jump shots.... Tim Duncan on Defense is still very under rated... Tim comes up with Extra effort all the time on D.

I actually could see last night TD got a bit tired at the second half after exhausting the Grizzs defense with his Huge 21 points. But not only TD got exhausted I saw the Grizzs also getting winded in the second half...

This was not like two years ago where the Spurs had different TD and different approach.

The difference not only Tony taking the MVP role with Manu being healtier, but it is all about Pop's adapting the whole Spurs system to fit What TD can Bring to the team. It is all about Pop's system and adjustments.

Of course TP's MVP type of PACING himself all game long with such a sick DETERMINATION Empowered the Spurs to the win. No way Spurs win without Tony last night even if they had all the Spurs team playing so Great! Tony is Forcing his will power to protect the Spurs and keep them ahead of their opponents in most of the games Spurs played so far.

The rest of the Spurs BENCH especially the GREAT X Factor Manu's with his unbelievable Hustles. No team can prepare for what Manu brings. Manu emprints his stamp very deep on every game.

All Spurs Team came together and worked very hard at the end especially on the Defensive side to close this game.
Go Spurs Go!
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