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What a BRILLIANT idea from Pop to insert Bonner and Mills and Nando at the right time.

Those Three KEY SPARKS from the Bench ignited the game momentum back to Spurs and then the starters came back with the same energy and Closed!!!!

Give Pop and the Coaching staff a lot of credit for key adjustments and substituting and drawings at the end!!:applause

Tim Duncan Did an AMAZING job. Great Determination!!! Great D! The Greatest Tim EVER! Frustrated the heck out of Grizzs!

Tony Parker was the MVP no question in this game. I am so glad Pop gave him a Breather because I am praying somehow TP gets some rest... Tony carried the Spurs in such crucial moments and nailed his free throws to seal the game at the end. He showed such a great poise and he was incredible!! Thanks Tone!

I knew Manu would come back to life and shoot some Great Key shots and he did it at the end!!!! despite his struggles he showed us Great Defense and Great HUSTLES that don't show on stat sheet... Manu is RELENTLESS and Manu has such a Killer instinct that never gives up. Nothing can stop Manu is he is DETERMINED!

Gary Neal came alive at some nice moments. I like what I saw from Gary. He is a Great Player for us. Few mistakes but he is a keeper.

Danny Green was not there mentally or physically. Hope he gets out of his funk soon...

Bonner surprised all of us with his great hustle play and key shots in the second half. I hope he can Maintain this in the PO because now he looks good, but we need this Bonner in the PO Bonner!

Mills, and De Colo were Fantastic Sparks!!

Hope Spurs rest up well before Milwaukee next Wednesday!

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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