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"I was a little surprised the commotion that ensued"-by Manu

"I was a little surprised the commotion that ensued"
By Manu Ginobili
December 1, 2012 - 1:13
- AP

SAN ANTONIO. - I was a little surprised the commotion that ensued, it is not the first time we do this to rest when we have so much work. As do other competitors. We know that no team begins fully fit, but for us it was particularly unusual November 1. We are the most games in this case we dispute and we played four games in five nights away from home. In my case, particularly, Pop had asked me if I wanted to rest on Monday in Washington, but I said I preferred to try how I felt with two straight, so I put off the rest until Miami.

It's something that always happens. The coach wants to go dosing forces. Tim is 36, I 35. We were going to stop and took advantage to rest together with Tony and Danny Green. Pop always takes us a little, is very cautious and more with those who went to the Olympics. It was that simple, why did.

The back injury bugged me. They were two days when I was hard, with severe pain. As can happen to someone who plays football or any at home. As before had a little problem in the foot that made me lose a few days of training, joined all round and slowed.

I returned to Utah, but I did well. It's something you have to keep trying every day. It's amazing, but you have to play again. Because we have virtually no training. And more to the program of matches we played. What I could do was one on one, or two on two ... But the truth is that is not the same as five against five. We had to try and start grabbing pace on the court.

What happened to me was not a bad run, I was not fine with the hoop. I had no balance to shoot, I was going to the side, going forward, backward. Gradually calibrating had to go, pushing her legs well. When was the pain and started doing weights with relative regularity, I recovered. The first game I played was completely painless against Denver two weeks ago. Then I had another couple of games he did not throw well, stuff happens. But since that's when I started feeling good.

The team is playing well enough to the point in the season where we are. We have a great record. At first won several close games. Against Oklahoma was impressive. Tony put two shots in the final, and against Toronto in double overtime. Even against Miami could have won if not quietly entered the carom of Ray Allen. Overall we can be optimistic. It's not that we have too, we are impeccable. We have a lot to work on and improve, as always, but we started well.

The problem we have is that of injuries Kawhi Leonard and Stephen Jackson. There were several things that retrofit equipment. There is a minor issue and we are damaging the structure. It's different when you lose a player, now both in the same place, you too complicated and you have to dig you the most. So Gary Neal is definitely playing like two, I play a lot of three. And opened place for Patty Mills and Nando De Colo have more minutes, giving rest to Tony.

We recover the two forwards will be crucial. Hopefully they can get back quickly because this is still intense. Tonight we played against Memphis at home, we have three days off, we get to Milwaukee on Wednesday and next Friday, in Houston. But then comes another week away from home, with four away games (Charlotte, Houston, Utah and Portland). We're used to things like that, but with the Rodeo Tour, which is in February. It is the first time we played at the beginning of the season and, with a huge bustle, so we have a year with a tremendous waste. The good news is that for now we ganando.ß

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