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Originally Posted by old timer View Post
oh yes, spread out weakening the team so they lose three or four games rather than one, especially when they were already short two of their top eight players. so now stern is openly dictating FIXING games and openly trying to insure the Spurs do not make it.

So sitting Duncan for Orlando is an automatic L?

You guys this ISN'T about Stern or conspiracies. THis about the SPURS FANS in Miami who paid money to see those guys. Hec they could have at least BEEN IN THE BUILDING. Maybe play 5-10 mins and stayed on the bench. You got to consider the FANS. Damn Stern..who cares about that dictator...I'm talking about lil Billy who had his heart set on seeing Duncan or Parker for weeks...and they were no where to be found...RELATIVELY HEALTHY. Come on now.

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