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The players' assosiation should fight it since the move was made to protect players from over use. someone posted they could understand this type move last year with the compressed schedule. If they had done their math they would have realised The Spurs playing at the same rate per month over the next three months would have played 68 games by the end of February, when in a little longer span last year they played just 66 in their compressed schedule.

The argument about resting players late in the season does not hold water either. Over playing players early is, or can easily become a factor in players breaking down later in the season. If anyone should be fined it should have the schedulers, or the senior league official for approving the schedule.

If it were all really about fair play, Stern would have apologized for scheduling one which had played 17 games, was coming off a six game road trip, which included playing them in ten days, not to mention they would be playing the game in question as their fourth in five days, against the home team, which not played a game in that time span and had played fust 13 total. Oh, and by the way, the home was only the defending champs.

Did I mention people have been saying for years, including this, three of the four players in question will be too worn down come playoff time? NO! Not did I mention the players had already been over worked making up for the loaded two their top rotation personnel. As it was the visiting team trotted out four players who have started for their respective Olympic teams including the top scoring, per game, player in the Olympics this year. The fifth player is only the leading three point shooter.

Point being Mr stern just doesn't want anyone putting an asterisk beside this win. Whether a team rests players in November, or Math and April is like saying wins in November and December only count for half a win.

Top and bottom, if you want your top players in your national show case games, schedule their games accordingly!
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