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This is just outrageous B.S period!

If the NBA needs to fine the San Antonio Spurs Org, they needed to be reasonable.

$250k? Really! Why so cheap $tern... Could you ask for a $1M since you were at it!

Really $tern....Dis-Service to the League and the fans, huh?!

You mean the lesson here for Pop and our Spurs org is (Hey don't even think about repeating this shameless unplug any more because that this will cost the Spurs Big Hefty Sanctions of $)

The Question here is would Pop do it again after this?

My suggestion for Pop would be to sit the Big Three in Suites and not send them home again if this is hurting the Spurs Org pocket.

But Does that mean in the Playoff this year we are guaranteed to have SCREW up Retarded Joe Crawford again to ruin at least two game in any series?

What a joke!
Go Spurs Go!
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