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Originally Posted by tabspur View Post
I also seem to remember it was Manu who helped us rally from a big deficit in that game, including the go ahead 3 pointer moments earlier. I believe he and Tony both scored 20+, while Tim had 40 or so. It was also a game that Pop went small, Tim, Tony, Manu, Bruce, and Finley, and played all 5 of them over 42 minutes. And, one in which we received a whopping 2 points from our bench. A single bucket from Horry. And Manu lost it for us? Manu is, was, and always be a Spur. He still does so much more for this team than even the box score shows.
Agreed. Manu was a big part - the major part - of the rally. Still not a very smart play. That is the way of the world. The go ahead 3-pointer moments earlier, to poor decision moments later. From hero to goat.

But for ten years we've dealt with the spectacular and the occasional erratic Manu. It is what you get when you deal with him. As I said before, if Pop's old crotchety butt can deal with it and even change the offense to account for Manu and Tony's game, who am I to argue it.
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