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Originally Posted by Mombear View Post
..........He’s ornery, sure. But he’s not stupid. He’s not violating the rules, at least not according to the NBA’s No. 2 man. He’s not letting anyone down, at least not when you really think about it. He’s not doing a disservice to his organization or his league. Does his decision make for a massive let-down on what should have been must-see TV? Unquestionably. He doesn’t coach for anyone besides his owner, though, and his owner is smart enough to trust the judgment of a man who has won everything there is to win in this league.
Maybe the NBA’s #2 man should have a talk with the #1 man and steer him right. Then, again, maybe #2 man wants to become #1 man and keep quiet if #1 man happens to make an unscheduled exit from his position. Wow, nice play #2 man.
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