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Originally Posted by Money4Nothing View Post
You're wrong, this would not be a moot point, this is exactly the point.

Why do the attendees at the Miami game have the right to see the Spurs' stars but it's ok for the Orlando fans to miss out? Is Miami more special than Orlando?

You honestly think that this game was nationally televised so that the nation could see the Spurs, or so that the nation could see LeBron and Wade?

The TV revenue for playoff games is far greater than that for these early season televised games. It would benefit the league if the Spurs rested now so that they were healthy to be seen on TV in the playoffs. Look what happened to the Bulls, they played Rose in garbage time last year at the start of the playoffs, then he got hurt and missed everything. Should Stern penalize the Bulls for not resting Rose to prevent that injury?$
I see your point but I don’t agree with it. Fans pay to see a game played by athletes to be entertained and in this case, basketball. Besides football and rugby, basketball is one of the more demanding sports being played today which calls for the athletes to be physically fit to compete. These athletes are paid a large sum of money in the form of a salary to put on the uniform and it’s in the best interests of the team ownership to insure these athletes maintain a standard physical condition to sustain them through a tough 82 game schedule.

Now, it’s already been published that the Spurs, before this road trip, had 2 of their top 7 players sidelined due to injury (Leonard, Jackson) which calls for all of the remaining roster to step up and play additional minutes. The Spurs also played their 6th game in 9 days; 4th game this week, both back-to-back (Sun-Mon, Wed-Thurs) with the Sunday game against Toronto going to overtime. There are other factors about the Spurs schedule I won’t waste your time with but let’s take a look at Miami. They’re playing at home, their 1st game since Saturday and their 5th game in 2 weeks. And according to the NBA injury report, only Battier and Pittman were injured, both questionable for last night’s game. Aside from that, the Miami roster was full strength and well rested.

If the Miami fans feel deprived of sorts for not seeing Ginobili, Duncan, Parker and Green in uniform, I feel for them. And if Commissioner Stern feels slighted, tough sh*t. In my mind, the welfare and health of our players are paramount and someone else’s vanity takes a back seat.

Now, if the Spurs were to have rolled into the American Airlines arena in full strength (minus Leonard,Jackson) and either Ginobili, Duncan, Parker or Green had sustained an injury that could incapacitate them for the remainder of the season, then I would have been pissed, along with a large contingent of Spurs fans wondering, along with the Spurs brain trust, if this could have been avoided earlier.

Coach Popovich has already established precedence for taking care of his players and watching the number of minutes they play per game. And being the start of the season, he doesn’t want to head into March/April with a lot of players on the injured list. Pop is not revered throughout the league for being a dummy. He has players and coaches everywhere who have nothing but gracious words to compliment his strategies and fair play. And the Spurs organization did not receive acclaim for the best franchise in all sports for mismanagement. Even after the game, he received glowing words from Lebron James and the TNT broadcasters.

If Commissioner Stern has some hard-*n against the Spurs organization or Coach Pop individually, he should take himself in hand and satisfy the problem. After Stern’s personal involvement with the New Orleans franchise last year and with this latest fiasco, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the NBA owners were to huddle and come up with a plan to ouster the Commish. And if Stern feels the need to levy a fine on the Spurs or Pop or both, I am inclined to help donate funds to help pay it.
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