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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
You know if Pop had sat Manu, TD and TP for the Orlando game and played them for the televised Miami game, this would all be a moot point.
You're wrong, this would not be a moot point, this is exactly the point.

Why do the attendees at the Miami game have the right to see the Spurs' stars but it's ok for the Orlando fans to miss out? Is Miami more special than Orlando?

You honestly think that this game was nationally televised so that the nation could see the Spurs, or so that the nation could see LeBron and Wade?

The TV revenue for playoff games is far greater than that for these early season televised games. It would benefit the league if the Spurs rested now so that they were healthy to be seen on TV in the playoffs. Look what happened to the Bulls, they played Rose in garbage time last year at the start of the playoffs, then he got hurt and missed everything. Should Stern penalize the Bulls for not resting Rose to prevent that injury?

When the Spurs makes Baby Jesus cry

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