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Pop sent his message LOUD and CLEAR directly to the NBA League officials that Spurs Org. is MAD about this scheduling and could care less about the hype and the TV ratings.

Well Done Pop!

Stern was trying to bark a little and might have some beef on the NBA fans being disappointed blah blah however, I can see how fans could get mad here but Pop has the better reason of this argument in regards to the FREEDOM to defend his RIGHTS as a Head COACH who wants to run his team the way he sees it RIGHT. And Rightfully Pop was legit 100% and I LOVED his decision.

This time Pop might have to face some adversaries such as a HEFTY FINE form the NBA or maybe a suspension who knows?

But I am sure it will be worth it for our Small Market Spurs Franchise who only have limited salary to spend on players and have to live with what they can afford and look for the best of the players health which is our most important asset!

I HATED to see us lose to the Heat but I LOVE my Spurs more than I hate the loss. I do want my Spurs to stay healthy. Nothing is wrong with that!
Go Spurs Go!
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