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The boys played well and accounted for themself better than most teams have, great for us to blood players and see what they can do.....

But that doesn't stop the fact that we are a product that we want more people to buy into and by not even having TP or Danny there we put out the replacements, and that is not our best product.

If I didn't have cable or league pass and this is the first time I saw the Spurs play nationally I did not see our best and so I may buy into somewhere else.

Sure some may be drawn by the band of Mighty Ducks that got close to the league champs when noone expected it, but the sad fact is fans like us that are already in loved seeing that but in large those undecided probably went "yeah I heard the Spurs were boring and most if all highlights here were from the Heat so maybe I will follow them".

So from team development probably better for us and I am happy with the result but if we want more followers we didn't do ourself favours on national TV.... although if we can emphasise that Pop was protest sitting to get at Stern we may get some.
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