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Think about this...

Pop is a genius right? So he decides to send the big 3 home plus 1. Works in several ways. Follow me on this one.

1. Playing the Heat tonight with the big 3 plus 1 would still leave the team lacking in depth on the wings with its best defenders out. Which means if they play they will have a hard time with this team whose best players are on the wing thus probably resulting in a loss that the Heat could pull inspiration from IF these teams meet in the Finals.

2. The Spurs are feeling good about themselves right now after a 5 game win streak.
If they were to lose it tonight with the team playing all the players they've been winning with and lose this game then you run the risk of messing with the psyche of the bunch.

By sitting the players you could gain...

1. If the spurs reserves stay close or even somehow win the game then you give confidence to those bench players and into the system.

2. The heat can't say they swept spurs when they were playing good ball. Again it comes down to mind games cuz they'll know that they beat em but they really didn't play them.

3 and this is probably the real reason.... For rest and to be prepared for Memphis who is in your division and more important at this point in the season anyway

Remember Pop is a genius and even if you don't think it's mind games it probably is. And that's the beauty of deception. CIA Pop strikes again

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