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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
This young 2012-2013 season started off with a familiar note: Manu Ginobili being injured. His first game of the season came against the Utah Jazz on November third after tweaking his back during practice. The guy plays tough, even against his teammates in situations that aren't really competitive. With injuries, come slow starts especially for a guy who needs to continually keep playing to stay in a groove. For most fans, that might not be a good enough excuse. He's been plagued by injuries for most of his NBA career and those injuries may have cost the Spurs a championship (notably 2006 and 2008). One thing is for sure: you can't easily replace a guy who plays with heart and passion, even to a fault because he puts his body on the line for every game. In an article for the Alamo City Beat, the subject was brought up: Should the San Antonio Spurs go a different route from Manu or does he have one last run in him?

Hasta Luego, El Contusion?
I seem to remember a certain bonehead foul that costs the Spurs the championship in '06. But no doubt, Manu will remain in Silver in Black until he retires. I believe it is more due to ancillary aspects that Manu brings to the Spurs than pure basketball. No doubt heart, soul, passion, etc are important but the fact that you can basically count on him missing 25-30 games is troubling. But no matter. If Pop and RC don't mind it and Peter wants to write the check, who am I to argue.
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