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I think the Spurs leadership know if they were to deal Manu to another team, they had better have a car warming up outside their office with a planned route to nowhere because the San Antonio fans and populace won’t give up on the man from Bahia Blanca that fast. As Jose said above, Manu gives this team more than figures on a stat sheet; Manu Ginobili gives this team heart, character and above all, the will to win. When he is on the floor, Manu is always coaching, giving direction and never giving up. He knows if his shot is off and not falling, he can boost morale by playing tenacious defense and getting the ball to the right man for the score. The most beautiful sight, for me, is seeing Manu lead a fast break and knowing about 95% of the time it will result in a score, an outrageous individual move or crowd pleasing pass leading to a score. He inspires, not just on the court but in the community. His involvement with the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa health system, HEB and other foundations has won him many friends for his charitable work. I’m sure if Manu were to go to another team, it would be with his blessing, because Manu knows it’s just business. But I, for one, feel Manu has earned his place in NBA and Spurs history to play for only one franchise his entire NBA career and that is in San Antonio. And I’m sure when that day does come that Manu hangs up his sneakers, Mr Holt and the Spurs brain trust know how valuable his worth is and will talk him into being part of the Spurs family permanently in its leadership. Reserve a spot in the rafters for #20 because it belongs up there.
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