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I like such wins with Big Leads!!!
Just another W on the road for our looking better every day Spurs Team!!!

Awesome win! Spurs Team effort won again.

TURNING POINT: Orlando had a 14-10 lead when Tony Parker got fouled on a layup with 4:59 let in the first quarter. Parker's three-point play opened a 19-4 Spurs run and they led for the rest of the game. That was "it" though!
Game was over there!

Of course TD making that three before half time and the rest of the gam became history!

Manu took over and led the rest of the game!

Manu playing like this could result in a much more solid Spurs team down the road. And this is HUGE Boost to this team's confidence and more important chemistry. Thanks Manu!

Yes. Spurs win vs. a non winning/bad NBA Team. So what. A win is a win...

Of course the W feels 10x better when against a Winning team. However, I think Spurs need to look as Pop always directs them to the Bigger picture and the progress made with every win.

It is still early in the season, but every game I see the Spurs getting more comfortable playing with each other. And that thing called chemistry is becoming more than solid and very hard to break thing.

For a measuring stick though next two games will give us a sample or good test of Spurs and Pop Mixing it all up and shaking it, shaking it, to make a tasty Lemonade out of what appears as "Lemon" to some doubters.

A good test coming tomorrow night vs. Heat and Saturday vs. Grizzlies. But Spurs will approach one game at a time that is for sure.

Wow Spurs need to Bring a better win in Miami!
That should feel pretty interesting thing I am looking forward to see!

Go Spurs Go!!!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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