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Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
I disagree about it taking Parker or ginobili to get Varejao. Cle made it clear they want a youth movement so between draft picks and some young pieces would do it. I'd like nene here but he's too much. Varejaos contract is a lot more cap friendly which is in line with what our FO is seeking. Nene would be deviating from the norm and consequently, he's be our highest paid player. We need to realistic. Varejao is playing well now but with his expiring contract and injury history, Cleveland would not get equal in return, thus making it all more vital to offer draft picks in addition to a package of Blair, Joseph, Neal , etc. might be a pipedream but certainly more of a reality than netting Nene who is yet to be healthy for his team
Varajeo is averaging 14.5ppg and 9.1rpg. he's had ten 15+ rebound games and two 20+ rebound games this season so far. his price tag isn't his contract value, it's more talent. if they wanted to trade him for anything, we'd be at the bottom of the list at possibilities.

Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
Only way to get Nene would be Jackson,Bonner and probably Mills of Joseph. That would be close enough to that 15 million price tag. But I'll put the pipe down now!
you should put down the pipe because he's at $13 million, not $15 mill. an expiring contract and a filler in Bonner on a bad team would be suffice if you caught them on a lowly enough day where they were ready to give up on an embarrassing season.

then again, i only said Nene IF we were going to make a trade because he's the most relevant Wizard right now. Bringing in a Seraphrim wouldn't do much good, hell he wouldn't play over Duncan/Diaw/Splitter anyway, so he'd he warming up our bench. Spurs trading for a bench warmer instead of someone relevant would be a worse than a no trade.
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