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Originally Posted by spurduncan21 View Post
José, nobody is mentioning both splitter and SJax being moved. For the right price, yes both would be moved but IMO no chance both are shipped. Nene is out of the question as his price is roughly $15m, almost double to Varejao $8M tag. Quite frankly Varejao is what we all want in a big. Doesn't demand ball on Offensive end, yet is scrappy on the defensive end and rebounding where he could get easy buckets. Mr Jones is right that we need better production from our bigs deep in the season heading into playoffs. Splitter is def improving and am hopeful we will resign, but I would love for him to paired with his countrymen Varejao, not Nene who is a pipedream at $15m (especially dealin with plantar fasciitis)
if we trade for anyone relevant, it's going to take an expiring deal and a big in return. Varajeo is playing too insanely good to even think about trading for him. it would have to take a Ginobili or Parker to have the Cavs think about that. Varejao is more of a pipe dream than anyone we can trade for.

the posts were on a type of Wizards "fire sale" going on with their winless record. they're looking to change their coach, so their players aren't going to come cheap. even Seraphin would cost us a Stephen Jackson or would at least take a bad contract in return to make it work. it's all a pipe dream, but my point was Nene would be the best value to win now even if he earns a lot. he's come back playing very well after his injury, it's the coach's decision to play him limited minutes and games. his injury isn't serious either, heck even Duncan in 06 played at an elite level with that injury.
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