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Originally Posted by MRJONESIII View Post
Yeah, it wasn't broke the last 2 years in the playoffs and the results were the same, no big stepped up to help Duncan. So should we repeat this process til Tim is gone, or pony up and makea move, if it's beneficial.
i agree with this. i wouldn't count last year too much since the team didn't build too much chemistry without close games. we had 3 newbies here and once everything got tight vs OKC, no one knew what to do on the court except try to go 1 on 1. Splitter's way better than last year too, so take that into account.

i'd take Nene in a heartbeat because he's probably their only big who can consistently try to create on his own close to the rim, something that we need. anyone else doesn't fit that mold. Okafor relies more on a passive game and is too expensive for a one dimensional mentality. i wouldn't mind a decent trade, but we're not in the Nazr-2005 type scenario where we have Horry to take the majority of the minutes. if we trade for a big and offer up any of the ones we have right now (probably Splitter), we're going to have to rely on that big for the majority of the time in a new system. if we give up Jackson and Splitter together, then the idea of a small ball bail out for Pop is out of the question and we're in need of a backup forward.
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