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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
right now we're playing at a very high level. we only really need 3 bigs who can produce well and we're getting that with Duncan/Splitter/Diaw. the plus side on that is that Blair doesn't have to produce monster numbers with the starters and the other 2 off the bench are giving us a huge boost. i'd hate to give up Jackson for anyone right now because that would kill any hope of small ball in our favor against the Heat or Thunder, even the Lakers.
Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
The Spurs are playing well now but does that honestly matter?????? What matters is Apr/Jun, that's it.....I could care less how they play right now. Splitter has had only a few good games all season and Diaw has played like crap all season until about 2 games ago. Let's not get too excited just yet. I'd be willing to give up SJax if it wasn't for the injuries that the Spurs have at the 3 position. It'll be interesting to see who is avaliable when the trade deadline is near.
I have to agree with esparzar. Up until last week, Diaw was just awful this season. I even wrote about that saying that it seems the more he becomes entrenched in our system, the more robotic/less free he plays. That was true until his two consecutive double digit scoring games. Splitter, however, I think can keep his play up and should be able to do so with regular minutes.
I understnad where Jose is coming from with how the team is playing, but S-Jax is injured and I am a big fan of his,I would trade for Varejao any day. You're telling me you would not feel confident against any lineup with him, splitter and TD. To be honest, we might even be able to keep S-Jax and make a deal with CLE with the likes of Diaw, Blair, Neal and Joseph. They want young pieces so Blair and Joseph make sense, while the other two are more for cap reasons. If we were able to swing a deal for another fellow Brazilian to play alongside Tiago, I'm all for it especially if it means we get to keep S-Jax.
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