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4 games in 5 nights... ridiculous

If I'm not mistaken the lockout ended last year, and there was no carry over for this season. So can someone please explain to me how the NBA can't find a way to fit an 82 game schedule into 164 days (after taking out christmas eve, thanksgiving day and the all-star break), without having to squeeze four games into 5 nights like its 1999??

The back -to-backs I can stomach, I think there are far too many of them but I can see how they are a necessary evil. Think about this though, after the Spurs play the Heat on Thursday night they will have played 17 games. In the same time span the Wizards will have played 13, Minnesota 14 and Milwaukee 13. Why the disparity? Why does San Antonio need a six game road trip in November, when we have a 9 game roadie in February?

I went through the schedules of seven teams (LAL, MIA, SAS, OKC, MEM, NYK, LAC). Here is a breakdown of how many 4 games in 5 night sets they play:

LA Lakers- 1
Miami Heat- 2
Oklahoma City- 2
Memphis- 1
San Antonio- 2
New York- 4!!
LA Clippers- 4!!

It just seems strange to me that they can manage to only schedule 1 of these sets for one team, but then a team like the Clippers have to play 4, one each month from Dec-March.

Right now NBA teams are 17-12 in these situations, which isn't a terrible win percentage (58.6%), but when you consider a team like the Heat has 3 losses and 2 of them came in one of these stretches of games, it seems like they are important. Is it really necessary to have these?
I think its bad for the game, the Spurs play the Heat on thursday and it will be their fourth game in five nights. I still think they can win, but I won't be shocked if they are a little flat.
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