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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
they'd basically still have to unless they're over the luxury tax. they buy him out, he's still going to count against the team for that amount, so might as well keep him on there. he might be a good expiring deal if we'd take back a bad contract for a decent player somewhere. nobody will want to pay him that, but no way he turns down $2.9 million to sign elsewhere for the veteran's minimum. i know you want him gone, but he's likely here to stay for at least one more year.
Jose what you say is true to a point. If they buy him out only the 1 million will count on the Spurs' cap not 2.9 million or 3.9 million just the 1 million. McDyess's money that was paid to him last year DID count on the cap BUT only the amount paid to him not the whole amount which was I think 5.2 million total but 2.6 million on the actual cap hit. Where do you get 2.9 million for Bonner to decide? If the Spurs did that his contract is gone and would likely only be offered vet minimum here or anywhere else. He would still get 1 million to walk not 2.9 million as an option to stay. Really what I'm trying to get to is that trading him to another team they can use that team buyout option to shed a player in trading to the Spurs or shedding payroll their own payroll.

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