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Originally Posted by maldoror View Post
Every team owes it to their fans that they get good value when they trade good players. Bynum was a better player than Iggy and the reason they got a better player is he came with some risk. They took a calculated gamble and lost. It happens.
"The details of the medical diagnosis are not good. Not good at all.
All four doctors have examined Bynum, studied the MRIs and come to the same conclusion: bilateral bone bruises and weakened cartilage in both knees. That’s exactly what general manager Tony DiLeo revealed on Saturday in an impromptu press conference.
This is different than the report that came out last week — from a doctor not involved in the diagnosis and who has not seen the MRIs — that called for surgery. That report was pure speculation, what the Sixers gave Saturday were facts. Just not pleasant ones."

Performing these tests before the trade and factoring that into their descision would have made it a "calculated gamble". Its no secret that Bynum had a history of being sidelined with injury. I'm not certain what to call the move that the Sixers made but I'm glad they are not my money managers.

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