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What an Awesome win for Da Spurs!

All Spurs played as a TEAM and managed to grind it together & fond those keys to get back in the game.

There is a method to Manu's Madness and watch out there. And if you make him Mad he will attack and dish like there is no tomorrow and Bamm you are down again and might even lose that game! Boooo Ya!

You can NEVER prepare to contain Manu especially when TP and TD are playing like at his high level and the rest of the Spurs are playing with such determination as a TEAM.

So many turning points happened at the second half but the main event that I will not forget TP, TD, Gary Neal with those Coffin shots, then Danny Green stealing that ball at the fourth and then Tim Duncan Dunking that ball with Authority... Then Manu hitting that key timely three and then Manu with some easy layups. Diaw with his brilliant pass to TD. Then Pacers starting to be nerves as clock was their enemy so they could not score anymore so Spurs earned this win very well, Well deserved W!!!

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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