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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
With the renewed interest of our senior citizen NBAers and if the NBA is interested in making a few more bucks, I'm beginning to think they should consider creating a senior league (over 40), something like the pro golf tour. Of course, basketball demands a little more physical effort and the medical insurance to back the teams might be a little steep, but what the heck. What's the cliche ---- "Money makes the world go round" or " Time is money".
That's not a bad idea...start the games at 5:30 so they're not up too late at night, league sponsors could be Depends adult diapers, Fixadent, the scooter store, they could get additional players from the various senior leagues that play at Ys across the country, what the heck, if they can make money off the wnba they could off this.
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