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I think one thing that this kid Anderson proved last year is that he keeps trying even if he failed several times.

This year is going to be different for him since we HAVE Manu available to give our newbies some Great development. This is PRICELESS!

Manu is the Biggest Key this year for our system to flourish.

Last year TP was the MVP and he stepped up Big Time however that was impacted more on the starters not the reserve. As we saw Green and Leonard were the beneficiaries.

This year Manu being here is going to greatly help James Anderson.

Manu guiding the second unit in leading this team will be HUGE!!!!!!

Go Spurs Go!

Welcome Home JA!!!
Just Do it !!! Don't think too much just do it!!!! Naturally you can do it.
We know there was a reason he was trained here and lasted for a while last year. Spurs coaching staff saw some raw talent that needs to be smoothed up and NOW is the perfect time for that.

If this great opportunity does not motivate JA, boy I sure as hell don't know what will...

Go Spurs Go!
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