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Pietrus played well with Captain Jack since they were on that GS Dream team which Blew the Mavs on the first round. It could be motivating to see him play along with him again.

Originally Posted by Kager View Post
Do you have a suggestion? Cause I can't think of anyone not already picked up that fits that bill.....
I was thinking for a 10 day contract the Spurs FO should go dig in the D League and find someone....

James Anderson obviously is the next one. It looks like he is meant to play in a Silver and Black uni this year. Let us see if he would get motivated and "Seize this Golden Opportunity"

Sometimes When Bad Things Happen To Good People, Not So Good People Suddenly Get Blessed & Become Good!!!!!!

You never know! It might be a blessing in disguise...

Go Spurs Go!
Go Spurs Go!
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