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This one hurts as HELL. Because Spurs were supposed to be motivated by that embarrassing loss in LA and come with a chip on their shoulder esp at home.....

I can understand injuries were real tough but Spurs did not show any HEART or motivation at all. (TD and Manu and Green are exceptions) Tony was so and so.....But other Spurs were just being so complacent and complacency Suck!

They deserved that loss because few of them stepped up when Captain Jack got injured most Spurs felt sorry for themselves and laid an egg.

Clippers dropped that hammer on the 2nd Q and that was when the Spurs surrendered and caved in.

Spurs mostly played very selfish and not like a TEAM and that was the end of it...

Hope this teaches Spurs how LOST and FAR they are now from being top seed in this tougher than TOUGH Western Conference PO picture now.

We Need All Spurs to step up to fill up the huge gap by LEONARD and Cap JACK the hole just got VERY DEEP now....

Hope to see a Good Road Trip because we need them to get tougher. Especially in FIGHTING bullies back... No other team especially Western Conf will bow down and give the game to the Spurs. Spurs must go and EARN it!

Go Spurs Go
Go Spurs Go!
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